Tile Subcontractor in Bonney Lake

When you’re looking for a small company that’s packed full of experience, look no further than Myriad Tile. Our size allows our contractors to offer an extra personal touch to every Bonney Lake job we complete, while still maintaining a high level of skill.

We understand that reputation means everything in the world of business. Whether you’re completing a small residential or large commercial job, having the best tile installation is a necessity. Myriad Tile strives to stay ahead of its competition by offering cost- and time- effective methods of delivery, staying within budget, and providing excellent customer service via open and direct communication with everyone on the team.

Interior or exterior, small or large project, we guarantee professionalism at all times.

Residential Tiling

Tiling can make or break a home. The right kind of tile installed properly can upgrade an interior or exterior in an instant, but the wrong kind can make it appear kitschy and cheap.

Hiring a tile contractor that rushes can leave you with sloppy and uneven tiles that will stick out like a sore thumb any time someone visits your home. But hiring a company with years of experience behind them will leave you with a flawless tile installation that will only be noticed for the right kind of reasons.

When you hire Myriad Tile for your Bonney Lake residential project, we can tackle kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways, as well as fireplace surrounds, outdoor patios and pool decks.

And when it comes to choosing materials, the sky’s the limit!

  • Travertine
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Slate
  • Ceramic
  • Marble

With your input, we’ll find the best tile for the job and customize it to your exact specifications.

Commercial Tiling

The way your building or office space looks is an important part of maintaining a successful business. For years, we’ve been helping Bonney Lake businesses put their best food forward with the best tile installation around.

No job is too simple or too complex. Whether you’re looking for a clean white look, or an embellished European look, we’re up to the job—and excited to do it.

The Myriad Tile team is experienced and reliable and considered one of the best tiling subcontractors around by many of our loyal clients.

Just start considering the range of materials that could be installed in your business space!

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Enviroglass

…and more! No matter what your choice is, our team will work quickly and produce the quality results that Bonney Lake has come to expect from us.

Benefits of Going Pro

If we at Myriad Tile had a dollar for every time we were asked by a potential client as to why they actually needed to invest in a professional tiling service for their Bonney Lake home or business, then we would probably be able to take a trip to the Caribbean. The simple fact of the matter is that there are many reasons why it is important that you invest in a professional service like the one offered by Myriad Tile for your tiling needs.

Six reasons why it is important that you choose a professional service to install the tiles in your home or business are as follows:

  1. Protect Product Warranty: Investing in a professional service like the one offered by Myriad Tile means that your home or business will be covered if the tile or grout develops damage or defects due to improper installation.
  2. Faster Installation Time: Whether you consider yourself to be a tiling DIY expert or not, the fact of the matter is that investing in a professional service will save you long hours of hassle installing the tile yourself. Our professional team will work quickly and can fix any unexpected issue that may come up in a quick and easy fashion.
  3. Use of Specialized Equipment: While tiling may feel like a straightforward job, the fact is that cutting, setting and grouting tiles requires precision and specialized tools that aren’t always readily available to those who are not industry professionals. Yes, it is true that you could rent a tile saw and buy a grout float, sponges, trowels and tile crimpers. However, our professional tile installation team has everything needed to make sure that the mortar and grout is spread out, gets smooth tile edges and can make precise cuts to fit in awkward spaces.
  4. Reduce Wasted Tile: A professional tile installation team like the one offered by Myriad Tile will include tile measurements and calculate the amount of materials needed as standard. So, we will never buy more tile, mortar and grout then you need. This means there will also be fewer instances of tile waste and incorrect cuts.
  5. Avoid Water Damage: If your tile isn’t installed or grouted properly, then it is likely that water can enter into your home or commercial property and cracks and gaps can occur. This can lead to mold and mildew in your walls, floor and ceiling causing structural damage.
  6. Keep Your Bonney Lake Home or Business Protected: At Myriad Tile. Our professional tile installation includes removing and hauling away your old flooring. This involves sealing off the work area with plastic to minimize the spread of dust. We ensure that your home’s nearby trim and fixtures are free from damage during installation, and we clean up after the work is done. Our commitment to doing the most complete job as possible means that you can rest assured that you will receive as thorough a job as possible.

Your Trusted Tilers

Myriad Tile is the trusted name for all tile, marble, and mosaic design and installation. We’re even up for repairs.

Our priority is 100% customer satisfaction, through skilled craftsmanship as well as exceptional customer service.

When Bonney Lake home and business owners need tile installation, they know they can get a free estimate followed by results they can be proud of when they give our team a call. So, get in touch today. We’re excited to be your tiling subcontractors!