Terrazzo Installation in Tacoma

Are you looking to make a change to your kitchen? Perhaps you feel that your hallway could do with a remodeling? Or maybe you just want some information on the array of benefits offered by terrazzo. Whatever your personal circumstances, there is never a bad reason to invest in terrazzo. And if you are looking for premium terrazzo installation service, then there is only one number to call.

With years of experience and the most skilled team of installation technicians, Myriad Tile’s attention to detail when it comes to all things terrazzo is unrivalled.

Choose Myriad Tile for Fast Terrazzo Installation

Given Myriad Tile’s wealth of experience serving the needs of commercial and residential clients alike, we are able to complete most projects very quickly. Variables such as the size of the project, other technical considerations and the design complexity can all factor in assessing how long a job can take. For smaller, and more straightforward jobs, installation should be expected to be faster. However, if you opt for cementitious (traditional) terrazzo then the installation time could stretch longer. Although installation times vary based the job, we always strive for quick turnaround times and will never take longer than we need to complete a project.

Traditional vs. Modern Terrazzo

When it comes to terrazzo, there is generally two main options to choose from: traditional and modern. While there are many consistencies between both types, the fact of the matter is that certain differences exist. When it comes to terrazzo installation, the traditional variation involves a more complex process than its modern counterpart. On the other hand, the longer process of the traditional installation process means that it is more durable and long-lasting than the more contemporary option.

Terrazzo Provides Limitless Opportunities

When it come to the variety of options available from terrazzo, the reality is that your choices are endless. In the flooring industry, the design potential of terrazzo is unique. In respect to color, terrazzo can be blended to form any preference that you have. The color consistency and accuracy offered by terrazzo is completely unmatched and the most natural and ethereal tones can be easily achieved. The composition of terrazzo can be changed or modified to any aggregate of combinations you desire.

So, if you want a look with more marble and less glass then that can be arranged, while an even mix of quartz and granite is also possible. Finally, in terms of shape and depth, terrazzo offers far more options than all of its competitors. From curvilinear patterns to geometric shapes, all are possible with terrazzo.

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You wouldn’t buy a car from a Tacoma dealership with a bad reputation, nor would you eat in a restaurant with bad reviews. Well, it is important that you are as diligent when choosing a terrazzo installation team. Don’t settle for second best when the premium team is here in Tacoma and ready to help.